[Chapel Hill, NC – May 1, 2019]Clinical Tools, Inc. won a $200K Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences to begin development of the OpenPipe Simulation Experience to Enhance Entrepreneurial Intent and Self-Efficacy. OpenPipe will be a 3D computer role-playing simulation to help post-doc and early-stage life science researchers explore factors that impact entrepreneurial intent and self-efficacy.

The life scientist is key to unlocking the commercial and health impact value of life science research. Unfortunately, scientists have few resources to assess the emotional and logistical ramifications of the challenging change from scientific explorer to entrepreneur. The proposed simulation and decision support experience helps the life scientist explore entrepreneurship, assess entrepreneurial intent, build confidence, and enhance team-building skills. Through subsequent action, they potentially unlock scientific findings that can impact real-world health outcomes.

The simulation will include a game-style interface where life scientists can make decisions on how to best address challenges related to entrepreneurship and experience the outcomes, as well as build knowledge and learn techniques to move from life science to business success!

About Clinical Tools and Health Impact Studio:

Clinical Tools, Inc. (CTI) is a diverse group with expertise in medicine, psychology, public health, basic sciences, programming, project and program management, gaming, information technology, and communications. Based in Chapel Hill, the company has a 20+ year history of success with SBIRT-developed products.

Health Impact Studio, a division of Clinical Tools, utilizes gaming technology to create healthy lifestyle change. The company combines expertise from medicine, psychology, public health with gaming, to create innovative games to positively impact health. Health Impact Studio creates games for healthcare professionals, medical students, and the general public on topics like obesity, addiction, and nutrition.


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Founder, President, and Vision Leader: Bradley Tanner, MD, ME