In 2018, researchers at an unspecified urban, academic institution published a study showing that spending several weeks in mindfulness meditation training, followed by regular practice, is a worthwhile investment for clinical year medical students in terms of your immediate and long-term wellness.

The researchers developed training in mindfulness meditation that fit into the 4-week time frame of an Emergency Medicine 4th year clerkship. Why EM? According to the 2018 Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report, Emergency Medicine has one of the highest levels of burnout in practicing physicians

In this study, fourth-year medical students completed an intensive program consisting of:

  • weekly classroom sessions
  • readings
  • daily meditation and journaling
  • developing a personalized wellness plan under the guidance of a mentor

After just 4-weeks of training, students meditated and practiced mindfulness. The researchers found that the students:

  • experienced lasting changes that helped them better cope with stresses
  • recommended mindfulness and meditation to others
  • better appreciated the importance of wellness
  • had more confidence in their use of mindfulness and meditation

And the effects proved to be long-lasting.

Give It A Try

If you are struggling as a result of stresses in your medical training and your institution offers mindfulness training, consider getting the training, especially if you plan to enter a specialty with a high rate of burnout (such as Emergency Medicine).

Even if your medical school’s program has not integrated mindfulness training into your medical curriculum, it probably exists somewhere in the medical center – look around. Or ask that your medical school offer it, so it can fit into the already jam-packed curriculum. You can also find more information, as well as other resources, on our website.

Get Involved

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