Food Fight

Updated Game Available In The Oculus Store

Reject unhealthy foods & defeat the Food Goblin in your life!

[Chapel Hill, NC – July 1, 2019] – Health Impact Studios announces the updated release of Food Fight in the Oculus Store. Utilizing user feedback, we have made improvements to make the game more impactful and fun!

Making healthy food choices can be difficult. Unhealthy foods constantly bombard you throughout your day, weakening your resolve. Food Fight helps you identify and overcome these negative cues in an immersive VR environment.


  • Physics-based catching and throwing
  • Power-ups and defense tools including magnets, gloves, squirt guns, and lunch trays
  • Three game levels for increased play interactions
  • Game-based learning for improved health knowledge

Avoid the Food Goblin’s attacks, discard unhealthy foods and gather healthy foods to reach your goal. Utilize power-ups, defense tools, and quick decision-making in order to win! The cafeteria will never look the same after you defeat the Food Goblin in this fun, virtual mess of a Food Fight. With quick, casual game-play, cartoon graphics, and increased levels of interaction, Food Fight is suitable for all ages.

Featured Updates In This Release

  • Audio and visual tutorial utilizing player interactivity
  • Improved throwing physics and adjusted spawning of enemy throws
  • Integrated game consequences for negative and positive actions
  • Adjusted health bar and sound effects to support interactive gameplay
  • Goal-based achievements for power-ups and level wins
  • Two additional levels of play-through

Using game-based learning, players successfully make healthy food choices in a virtual environment, which can translate to real-life food choices. Developed with SBIR grant funding from the National Institute of Health, Food Fight combines up-to-date nutritional and obesity medicine knowledge with engaging gameplay.

Health Impact Studio utilizes gaming technology to create healthy lifestyle change. We combine expertise from medicine, psychology, public health with gaming, to create innovative games to positively impact health. We create games for healthcare professionals, medical students, and the general public on topics like obesity, addiction, and nutrition.

Download Food Fight free from the Oculus store!


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Website: FoodFight.HealthImpact.Studio