Dominique Mayer

3D Graphic Artist (2018)

Assigned Projects: Food Fight, Burntout, Brain Pilot

This internship has been wonderful and I have learned a lot. I have learned so much and have grown since the start of this internship.  These are images of my work this summer and all the projects I was able to help out with.

When I first arrived I tested games and did some simply modeling.

Dominique testing the Brain game.
A simple office phone for BurntOut

Soon I was working on Food fight, Burnt Out, and the Brain Project.

I drew concept art for the Brain game project, facial expressions for our Burnt Out, and a layout for Food Fight.

I was then in charge of heading the new environment for Food Fight. I had to start with a new environment concept; a place where different food would be and where most to everyone would have gone at least once in their life. I came up with the idea of a food court from their I started transforming some models and started new on other models to piece together the new location. I also had to learn Unity for the first time and its lighting systems. The lighting was the worst part, it took the longest things where not baking; whoever I learned how to solve a lot of lighting problems throw it.

Once a lot of the prominent models where made it was creating the layout, environment, and focusing on the lighting simultaneously.  The new environment was coming along nicely. Until it was finally finished with the correct lighting, correct scenery, better models, and a more believable location.

Meanwhile, creating the new models and textures for Food Fight I worked on the brain. I modeled parts of the brain that were not clear, textured them and found missing pieces we needed.

Then we moved more onto Burnt Out. I had to create Mr. C; one of the patients. This was my favorite project I got to do for this company so far. I loved getting to model all his wrinkles and his model turned out so smoothly and cleanly. I did some expressions to test the model. I textured and modeled his own outfit. I loved getting to work on him. I also had to draw some concept art this was before we decided to move to use a 3d model.

Now I am working on one of the nurses for Burnt Out and I am happy with her as well. I can’t wait to start texturing her.

I have enjoyed all the projects I have gotten to work on. I am also thankful for the fact that I have learned something new almost every day; that was the best part of this internship.