Clinical Challenge: Alcohol – A Game to Teach Alcohol-Related Clinical Skills to Medical Students

Medical students receive inadequate training in alcohol screening, assessment, and intervention, despite the high cost of alcohol use to individuals and society. A novel approach which makes the topic exciting and challenging is essential to establishing enthusiasm for medical students in an already-packed medical school curriculum. We created and evaluated a tablet-based prototype game called Clinical Challenge: Alcohol that teaches alcohol-related clinical skills to medical students. The game’s purpose is to supplement the currently inadequate training that students receive in terms of alcohol screening, assessment, and intervention.

Tanner TB, Metcalf MP. Clinical Challenge: Alcohol – A Game to Teach Alcohol-related Clinical Skills to Medical Students. Poster presented at the 2015 AAMC Medical Education Meeting; 2015 November 10; Baltimore, MD, USA.

More info on the authors: Brad Tanner, Mary Metcalf, Brian Tanner