Clinical Case Simulations for Medical Students

Mobile, PC

Clinical Encounters: Obesity

Clinical Encounters: Obesity includes:

  • Short case simulations on assessing and treating overweight/obese patients
  • Ability to assess, diagnose, treat simulated cases and receive feedback
  • Opportunity to practice behaviors and competencies in a safe environment, where the user is free to make mistakes and experience consequences without risk
  • Content that is expert reviewed

Project funded by NIDDK 2R44DK091144-01A1

Value Proposition:

Learning games have advantages over traditional training, such as inducing better retention of knowledge and skills in medical fields. Through the use of such technologies, medical education can be conveyed within interactive learning environments on various platforms. This project utilizes narrative choice selection to engage learners in a simulated patient encounter.


Medical students and other students in the health professions interested in learning clinical skills to evaluate patients for overweight/obesity and provide appropriate treatment or referrals


Desktop, Tablet, Phone