Life Science To Business Success!

PC, Virtual Reality

Entrepreneurship Simulation

Our Entrepreneurship Simulation teaches life scientists interested in entrepreneurship how to identify and overcome barriers, build self-efficacy, practice networking and other communication skills, develop business team-building skills, and assess their entrepreneurial readiness.

Value Proposition:

The life scientist is key to unlocking the commercial and health impact value of life science research. Unfortunately, scientists have few resources to assess the emotional and logistical ramifications of the challenging career change from scientific explorer to entrepreneur. The proposed simulation and decision support experience helps the life scientist explore entrepreneurship, assess entrepreneurial intent, build confidence, and enhance team building skills. Through subsequent action, they potentially unlock scientific findings that can impact real-world health outcomes.


Graduate students, post-docs, and early-stage researchers


Oculus Immersive VR Headset/PlayStation VR or PC-based simulation