Brad Tanner, MD, MBA

Owner, Clinical Tools, Inc

Dr. Tanner is the owner and president of Clinical Tools, Inc, the parent company of and a physician Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Psychiatry. He oversees the creation of compelling simulations and role-play frameworks developed in Unity/C# or Unreal/C++ and delivered in VR where users experiment with change and develop real-world skills that impact health. Past projects included Food Fight, an Oculus-based VR game in which players challenge “virtual” food and drink substances in a simulation to potentially counter-condition and extinguish craving responses and aid food selection choices.

Dr. Tanner leverages his unique business, technological, and clinical background to create VR game-based solutions that enhance understanding of human biology, promote healthy behaviors, identify symptoms, and intervene in the treatment of illness. His understanding of neuroscience and psychology directs science and theory-based solutions that influence decision making, lifestyle change, and self-assessment. Areas of emphasis include reward systems as they impact opioid addiction, CNS and biome systems that affect nutritional food selection/obesity, risk-taking and alcohol use, and pain control.

He is the author of Reaching Tomorrow’s Customers: Trends in Digital Marketing and blogs about entrepreneurial strategy at Rapid Startup Design.