Kimberly Workman, BA, MA

Project Director

Kimberly is a key research developer, project coordinator, and digital content designer with Clinical Tools. She has a Bachelor of Arts in American History, with a double minor in Religious History and Creative Writing, a CORE graduate certificate in Public Health, a Field Epidemiology graduate certificate, a Technology and Communication graduate certificate, and a Master of Arts in Technology and Communication all from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Since she began with Clinical Tools, Inc. in 2002, she has contributed to the development and implementation of multiple grant projects focusing on medical school education, risk behavior prevention, and child/adolescent health, as well as presenting resulting outcome measures at a number of conferences throughout her time with Clinical Tools. In addition, Ms. Workman has undertaken various levels of content management and website design in the areas of Drupal, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. She also leads the marketing efforts of Clinical Tools, coordinating social media and content development in order to place our company as an authority in the area of game-based education.

Kimberly has been a member of American Mensa since 2008. She is currently a staff writer and contributor for the media blog Fandomania and enjoys making contributions to the fandom community. Kimberly has done in-depth research into fair use, fandom community structures, the relationship between media owners and fan creators, and the identification fan creators have with their source material. And she attributes her undying love of Canada to the influences of fandom as well. She hopes to make a return visit to our northern neighbor again soon.